Our Mission

We think new technologies can help people to have a better life

Creemos que las nuevas tecnologías pueden mejorar la vida de las personas

Creiem que les noves tecnologies poden millorar la vida de les persones

Quality of Life

Our main goal is for patients to
have a better quality of life

Nuestro objetivo principal es mejorar la calidad de vida de los pacientes

El nostre objectiu principal és millorar la qualitat de vida dels pacients

Patient-Doctor relationship

Reduce the gap that exists today between patient and doctor

Conseguir una relación más fluida entre médico y paciente

Assolir una relació més fluida entre metge i pacient

Medical expenses

Minimizing the number of medical appointments and clinical analysis

Minimizar el número de visitas
médicas y análisis clínicos

Minimitzar el nombre de visites al metge i anàlisis clínics

Waiting list

We want to leave behind this
reality of the sanitary system

Queremos dejar atrás esta realidad
del sistema sanitario

Volem deixar enrere aquesta
realitat del sistema sanitari

Why we are here

There are still several problems where technology could be the main actor of the solution

Aún quedan muchos problemas en cuya resolución la tecnología puede ser decisiva

Encara hi ha molts problemes en la resolució dels qual la tecnologia pot ser decisiva


Percentage of population in major ages groups (65+) in Europe in 2050

Porcentaje de población de edad avanzada (65+) en Europa en 2050

Percentatge de població d’edat avançada (65+) a Europa el 2050

Death rate

Chronic diseases account of all
deaths each year in Europe

Porcentaje anual de muertes por enfermedades crónicas en Europa

Percentatge anual de morts per malalties cròniques a Europa

Annual budget

€700 billion per year are spent on treating chronic diseases in Europe

700 billones € anuales gastados en tratar enfermedades crónicas en Europa

700 bil·lions € anuals gastats en malalties cròniques a Europa

Growth rate

The market potential of eHealth anual growth rate in Europe until 2020

Crecimiento potencial anual en Europa del mercado de eHealth hasta 2020

El creixement potencial anual del mercat d’eHealth a Europa fins 2020

What it is Said About eHealth

What relevant people think about new technologies applied to health

Qué opinan los expertos sobre las nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la salud

Què pensen els experts sobre les noves tecnologies aplicades a l’àmbit de la salut

"eHealth revolution is coming."

"Healthcare is a lot like Apple. They are both not very interoperable systems, they are both overpriced and they both need people who think differently.
What I learned from Apple was that mobile was the future and health care was behind. Healthcare was stagnant. I know the mobile health revolution is coming."

Halle Tecco Former CEO, Health Rock

"No real continuity of care."

“If you think about how healthcare is delivered, it is on an ad-hoc basis. Someone comes into a hospital, someone comes into a pharmacy, someone comes into a doctor. But beyond those touchpoints, the patients are on their own. There is no real continuity of care.”

Christopher Viehbacher CEO, Sanofi

"The unmissable revolution."

“The healthcare industry missed the personal computer revolution, it missed the internet revolution, and it cannot afford to miss the mobility and cloud revolution. Digital Health feels like the personal computer industry in the early ’80′s.”

John Sculley Former CEO, Apple

"Early diagnostic & eHealth."

"Doctors have always looked for new ways to gain insight into the subtle biological patterns that could help earlier diagnosis or intervention in disease [...] this technology could unlock a new class of continuous, medical-grade information that makes it easier to understand these patterns and manage serious health conditions."

Andy Conrad, Ph.D. CEO, Verily

"Challenge on healthcare."

"Healthcare is the last industry that has not adopted digital technology in any major way to help deliver its services. And it is becoming challenging for physicians and consumers to actually manage care without those digital tools."

David Schlanger CEO, WebMD

"The story for the next year."

"That is going to be the story for the next year or so: [digital health] moving from a curiosity, to a research tool, to an actual mainstream, accepted clinical tool. I think it is very exciting."

Corey Bridges CEO, LifeMap Solutions


Our team is formed by multidisciplinary group who wants to build the best products within eHealth

Nuestro equipo está formado por un grupo multidisciplinar que quiere desarrollar los mejores productos de eHealth

El nostre equip està format per un grup multidisciplinar que vol desenvolupar els millors productes d’eHealth

David Alarcon

Formed as Computer Biologist and a professional Informatician

Biólogo Computacional de formación
e informático de profesión

Biòleg Computacional de formació
i informàtic de professió

Stephan Hecking, PhD

Executive specialized in Finance,
Management and Control

Ejecutivo especializado en finanzas,
dirección y control

Executiu especialitzat en finances,
direcció i control

Josep Mª Salvador

Industrial designer with electronics
and prototyping background

Diseñador industrial formado en
electrónica y prototipado

Dissenyador industrial format en
electrònica i prototipatge

Javier Navarro

BSc Computer Science in Computing
specialization at UPC

Ingeniero informático especializado en
computación por la UPC

Enginyer Informàtic especialitzat en
computació per la UPC

Raúl Gómez
Frontend & Backend

Currently in BSc Computer Science
in Computing specialization

Cursando Ingeniería informática en la
especialidad de computación

Cursant a Enginyeria Informàtica
l’especialitat de computació

Marc Filbà

BSc Computer Science in Hardware
specialization at UPC

Ingeniero informático especializado en
hardware por la UPC

Enginyer Informàtic especialitzat en
hardware per la UPC

Miquel Campo, MD

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery.
MSc in Hospital Management

Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía.
Máster en Gestión Hospitalaria

Llicenciat en Medicina i Cirurgia.
Màster en Gestió Hospitalaria

Joaquim San José, MD

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery.
Specialist in General Practitioner

Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía.
Especialista en MFyC

Llicenciat en Medicina i Cirurgia.
Especialista en MFiC

Join Us

Do you want to be part of our
project? Let us know

Quieres formar parte de nuestro
proyecto? Háznoslo saber

Vols formar-ne part del nostre
projecte? Fes-nos-ho saber

Integrated Solution

We are developing a complete new solution to bring the patient closer to his doctor

Estamos desarrollando una nueva solución completa para acercar el paciente a su médico

Estem desenvolupant una nova solució completa per apropar el pacient al seu metge





The pacient will send his data throught the device in a safe and automated way to our servers. Thus, the pacient will be able to check his data and the doctor can make a thorough monitorization in a fast, safe and efficient mode. Moreover, the doctor will receive alerts in urgent cases.

El paciente enviará sus datos a través del dispositivo de forma segura y automatizada hasta nuestros servidores. De esta forma, podrá consultar sus datos y el médico dispondrá de un seguimiento completo de cada caso de forma rápida, segura y eficiente. Además, el facultativo recibirá alertas de las urgencias.

El pacient enviarà les seves dades a través del dispositiu de forma segura i automatizada fins als nostres servidors. D’aquesta manera, podrà consultar les seves dades i el metge disposarà d’un seguiment complert de cada cas de forma ràpida, segura i efectiva. A més, el facultatiu rebrà alertes de les urgències.

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